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So, you found my page. How do you know if you are a Curmudgeon or not? Well, simply click on the word Curmudgeon and find out. If it is true you learn something every day, then this can be your "thing" for the day.

Curmudgeon's are generally good people (After all, I should know!). They have many aspects:

In any event, curmudgeon or no, enjoy your visit. I hope you find some interesting and informative stuff here, and elsewhere on the net.

A defense of curmudgeons and generally irritable people -- called Point of View, an Apology for the Irritable.

Other Features of the Curmudgeon's Corner:

Come again, soon! Or, as we said in Jackson, Tennessee (my hometown),"Ya'll come back now, ya hear!?"

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St. John of Kronstadt, pray for us!

This page is dedicated to my favorite curmudgeons, Statler and Waldorf, and their creator, Jim Henson.

A Picture of Statler and Waldorf


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