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What is the Curmudgeon doing with a Career Page? Well, actually, it should probably be titled "the Curmudgeon's Work Page." According to Fr. Thomas Hopko, in a tape from St. Vladimir's Seminary entitled The Theology of Work, what we do is ordained by God, but to say "career" is oriented toward the materialistic. Work in the Kingdom of God is paradoxical ... get the tape if you are interested.

So what about me? 

I am a mission priest at Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church in Ames, Iowa. We began our ministry here in 2013. We are not large enough for me to serve full-time, so I also serve as Chief Financial Officer at Primary Health Care, Inc., a non-profit federally qualified health center, serving all of Central Iowa from locations in Des Moines, Ames, and Marshalltown. We serval all people, but focus on serving the underserved populations – uninsured, homeless, veterans, and refugees. I've also served as CFO for a hospice organization and many other healthcare related entities.

I'm a CPA, and have been Chief Financial Officer of healthcare organizations and behavioral health facilities (behavioral health is the nice way of saying psychiatric) for two major healthcare companies, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA, now Columbia) and Community Psychiatric Centers (CPC), which is now part of Behavioral Healthcare, Inc., based in Nashville. I started my career with Arthur Andersen & Co. (now just Anderson), and I worked with a business valuation firm based in Memphis for a while, and I have served as consultant (at the manager level) with Deloitte & Touche LLP in the Nashville Office. Even in professional services, I still worked with healthcare organizations and systems nationally, as well as managed care operations, helping to redesign the American healthcare delivery system. I find it fun, challenging, and quite often frustrating. But, I like getting up and going to work, so I guess that means I can glorify God in my work, and offer my work to Him.

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